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Kitchen Extraction Cleaning


Why kitchen extraction cleaning?

The law requires that the owner or the responsible person carry out a documented Health and Safety risk assessment each year paying particular attention to potential fire hazards like Grease Extraction Systems. Coupled with this, dirty ducts in food processing areas particularly concern Insurance Companies, so most insurers now insist on the entire length of extract system to be cleaned at least once a year and in some circumstances every 6 months.

Failure to comply with this can result in your insurance policy being invalidated.


How we carry out kitchen extraction cleaning:

  • Canopy is degreased internally and externally including filter housings, drip trays, canopy lips and light fittings.
  • Ducting is degreased where accessible and rinsed.
  • Access doors can be supplied and fitted to enable access into the ducting.
  • Grease filters will be soaked in a dipping tank filled with a de-greasing solution and then drained before replacement.
  • Extract fans will be isolated then removed if possible or cleaned in situ for careful de-greasing.
  • If possible all cooking appliances can be removed to enable cleaning of the back splash and floor underneath the canopy.  This enables a more thorough clean.


BESA publishes the following guidance for kitchen extraction cleaning:

Usage   Hours per day Frequency of clean
Light use 2 – 6 Annually
Moderate use 6 – 12 6 monthly
Heavy use 12 – 16 3 monthly


Safe kitchen cleaning is of paramount importance at Severn Cleaning

  • All work is fully risk assessed
  • All operatives are fully trained to required standards
  • Relevant PPE is used at all times
  • COSHH and RAMS information is available at all times


Prices from as little as £275 + VAT.

(inc. a certificate of completion for insurance purposes)
If access doors are required, the average cost is £45 + VAT per door.
Grease Filters can also be supplied by Severn Cleaning at a very competitive rate.

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